What is a Triple Keratin Lash Lift?

A Triple Keratin Lash Lift is a plant-derived Keratin treatment that not only lifts the lashes straight from the root, but also nourishes and hydrates natural lashes. This Lash Lift will last 2-3 months and is designed to make the lashes appear longer, darker, and curlier. 

How long does Triple Keratin Lash Lift treatment take?

The processing times of this Lash Lift are unique to every client's specific lash type, but on average you can expect the treatment to take about 1-1.5 hours

Can you add Extensions to this Lash Lift?

No, Lash Lifts rely on your own lashes only! Because we are able to achieve a true lift straight from the root, it is almost impossible to add extensions after this service, and clients will have to wait till the lift has grown out before switching to extensions.

Is it the same as a lash perm?

Definitely not! The Triple Keratin Lash Lift is designed with lash-health in mind first, where-as traditional perms are highly damaging and leads to weak and brittle lashes over time. With the Triple Keratin Lash Lift, being that it’s a Keratin treatment, your lashes will continue to grow strong and healthy with each Lifting Treatment.

What is the aftercare like with the Lash Lift?

Aftercare for the Triple Keratin Lash Lift is very easy and simple. The first 24 hours after the treatment are the most important: 

  1. Keep those lashes DRY: This is inclusive of any type of moisture and mascara
  2. NO TOUCHING: It is super important not to touch your lashes or rub your eyes. Also avoid sleeping on your face to minimize the chances of squishing your lash lift.

After the first 24 hours you can pretty much treat your lashes as you normally would. We highly recommend the use of the Keratin Mascara in order to keep that lift looking fresh, and to give daily nourishment to the lashes.

Are there any harmful chemicals in the Triple Keratin Lash Lift?

Nope! This Lash Lift is formulated without the use of toxic and harmful chemicals. In fact, this is the only Lash Lifting system to incorporate 3 different types of plant-derived Keratin into its solutions: Hydrolyzed Corn Keratin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Keratin, and Hydrolyzed Soy Keratin. And that’s not all, this system also includes Castor Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, and Vitamin B5 and is Vegan-approved and Ophthalmologically Tested. 

Does this Lash Lift work on all lashes?

Relatively speaking, yes! Short, long, full, sparse, thin, course; with this system any lash type can be lifted! However it is super important to ensure that clients expectations are realistic. Also, if the client has any lash conditions that has caused them to lose their lashes then there won't be anything to really lift, and you would want to avoid lifting lashes that are in the regrowth stage after a lash trauma has occurred.

How long will the Triple Keratin Lash Lift last?

Clients can expect their Lash Lift to lash 6-8 weeks on average. Of course this varies depending how fast their natural lashes grow and if they’re using any growth serums. The daily use of the Keratin Mascara will also help to prolong the lash lift.

Can you use growth serums while having a Lash Lift?

Yes! Growth serums can be used at any stage of the lash lift. However, it is important to note to clients that because growth serums promote the growth stage to last longer (thus resulting in longer lashes), it is possible that these serums will cause the lash lift to grow out faster.

Is the Triple Keratin Lash Lift safe for pregnant or nursing women?

Yes, this treatment is safe for pregnant or nursing women, however some women may decide to opt out of the Tinting portion of the Lift.

Is it common for people to have an allergic reaction?

No. During the treatment, the only product that really is in contact with the clients skin would be the water-soluble adhesive used in securing the lash shield. Some clients may have more sensitive skin, and may experience slight warmth with this. However, it is reported to subside within a couple minutes once the adhesive has dried. If this is a concern for any potential clients, we recommend doing an allergy test with the adhesive prior to the date of their Lash Lift appointment. 



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