About Keravie Professional: Where Beauty Meets Innovation.

It all began in 2020,  when Tammy, like many of us, faced the unexpected disruptions of the pandemic. Her trusted Keratin lash and brow lifting kit suddenly became unavailable due to shipment issues, leaving her in a predicament.

Frustration grew as she experimented with alternative non-keratin-based kits, only to witness unfortunate mishaps that fried (no, sizzled) her clients' precious lashes and brows, even when following all the instructions right. Troubled by the lack of reliability in the industry, Tammy was determined to make a change.

With a heart full of dedication, she decided to take matters into her own hands, setting out to create a brand that professionals could truly rely on.  Thus, Keravie Professional was born, named after her very own lash sanctuary, Keravie Lash Loft, where thousands of lash and brow lifts have been completed by Tammy and her team today.

Keravie is a name inspired by the fusion of "Kera," symbolizing the strength of Keratin, and "vie," a tribute to the essence of Life. This brand was not just a solution to a problem; it was a symbol of empowerment and resilience.

Today, Keravie stands as a symbol of reliability, quality, and empowerment for Lash Artists worldwide, and we are excited to have you be part of our journey! We're here to redefine the standards in lash and brow lifting, providing you with the courses and tools you can trust. 


A Message From our Founder

Tammy Ma, CEO and Founder of Keravie Professional Hey lash lovers!


Welcome to Keravie, this is a space where you can learn, grow and be amongst the best in all that lash lifting has to offer!


I created Keravie Pro because I couldn't get our favourite lash lifting products all in one place and after running into production issues with my previous favourite brand, I decided to curate a collection of lash lifting products that everyone can enjoy using. 


I'm something of a naturalist, and I take great care in making sure the products I use are safe, nontoxic and don't cause damage. That's why the Triple Keratin Lash Lift™ was developed. This system is based on the latest technology of scientific research backing the use of keratin in hair and lash products in strengthening, repairing and maintaining luscious and shiny lashes.


Our customers and in-house Keravie lash artisans love the results so much and we know you will too!  We can't wait to share it with you so your clients can also take part in the joy of discovering self lash love again.


Tammy Ma
CEO and Founder