5 Work Life Balance Tips for Busy AF Entrepreneurs

Tammy Ma Keravie Lash Loft Kingsway Mall


Them: It must be nice to set your own hours when you work for yourself! 

Me: Yes, now I get to decide that I work from 8am to 8pm..

Being an entrepreneur is not easy. In my first year opening up Keravie, I literally worked from the moment I opened my eyes to the moment they closed, an easy 15-17 hrs/day. While some of it was unavoidable, I want to tell you this: it was not sustainable long term.

By the end of my second year, I was pooped. I started resenting my job, my friends, my family--basically anyone who was having a life other than me! It’s shocking it took me as long as it did to fully implement these things, but today I want to share my 5 Tips for Maintaining Work Life Balance as a Busy AF Entrepreneur:

  1. Mandatory One Day of Rest

    Keep one day every week to log off of work. No emails, no work Instagramming, no staring at my schedule wondering why 2 hrs next Friday was filled yet--keep it open
    just for you to recharge.

  2. Physical Activity

    I hate the gym
    so much but exercise doesn’t have to be only about the gym. In Italy, where there are the most living number of centenarians in the world--there are literally no grannies and grampies who hit the gym. They walk, a lot. So whether you walk, hike, yoga, lift hand weights -- do something to get those limbs moving in however way makes sense to you.

    Tammy Ma Walks with Dog Keravie Professional

  3. Get Enough Sleep

    This is obviously a no brainer, right? Studies show that sleep is directly correlated with your short term memory, motor functions, ability to problem solve and think. Not to mention you’re just in a way happier mood when you’re well rested, which in itself is payment in full!

  4. Eat Meals Regularly with Your Significant Other / Family / Friend

    Tammy Ma Dinner with Friends

    In my first year of working as an entrepreneur, I was literally on a liquid diet to high fat lattes and caffeine to keep my energies up. But it wrecked havoc on my physical and mental health in no time. By making sure I ate dinners with my friends, family and friends, I was sure to eat full, robust meals filled with nutrients and I got to make sure every day I took a minimum 1 hour break to socialize with loved ones.

  5. Gratitude -- and Enjoy the Journey

    Tammy Ma Entrepreneur

    When you’re feeling down in the dumps, always remind yourself why you’re doing the job that you’re doing and don’t forget to enjoy the journey. At any point when you’re not loving what you do anymore, you report to yourself so you can change what your day-to-day is whenever you want! Be flexible and use this as a journey to find yourself and what you love to do best!